Financial Research Center (HCFR)Financial Research Center (HCFR)


About Us

Our Mission


Founded in 2012, within the Graduate School of Business Administration at Hitotsubashi University, the Hitotsubashi University Center for Financial Research (HCFR) promotes research— in various fields of finance— that has direct relevance to corporate financial strategies and financial regulations.

The activities at the HCFR are in keeping with the following three principles:

1. Diversity of fields and approaches
At the HCFR, different research fields such as accounting, finance, and mathematics are involved in collaboration, and a variety of finance problems in theory and practice are addressed through this collaboration.
The center also promotes the use of different approaches that include theoretical, statistical, and computational analyses from both micro- and macro-perspectives.

2. Collaboration between academia and business
Acknowledging that practical advice is often valuable in finance research, the HCFR promotes research collaboration between academia and business.
The center also attempts to disseminate research findings to practitioners in business circles as well as policy makers.

3. Applications of research findings in teaching
At the HCFR, research findings are applied in graduate courses in finance. The center also offers graduate students access to various databases and opportunities to participate in research. Further, it holds seminars and conferences on topics in finance to stimulate learning among graduate students.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support of our research and educational activities at the HCFR.